Objectives: Fixed the injured limbs to relieve pain and send them to hospital as soon as possible.

1. Observation of fracture site:

(1) Failure to move normally, pain will increase with movement or touch, swelling of the wound, and subsequent blood stasis as a closed fracture.

(2) Can not move, visible broken bone end, open fracture.

2. If there is shock or respiratory obstruction symptoms, they should be dealt with first.

3. Unless the situation poses a danger to life, the injured should not be moved casually.

4. If there is a wound, it can be covered and dressed with a clean gauze or dressing.

5. Fixed broken bones: stabilize and support the upper and lower positions of broken bones. Fixed broken bones with wooden boards or bamboo poles. The length of broken bones should exceed the upper and lower joints. Then bandage was used to tie the injured limbs to the body.

6. Immediately send to hospital for management.

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