first aid

Preserving life - restoring breathing, heartbeat, stopping bleeding, and treating shock.

Prevent the injury from getting worse - treat the wound and fix the bone.

First aid kit

Disinfecting cotton; disinfecting gauze; dressing bag; adhesive tape; bandage (2' and 3' each); medicinal liqueur; mild disinfectant such as saviron; tape; safety pin; scissors; Use disposable rubber gloves.

Task order

First aid procedures usually have these steps:

The first step is to call the emergency number; the second is to quickly move the injured person to the nearest safe place; the third is to quickly classify the injured, first rescue the critically ill, and give priority to the critically ill.

In the case of serious injury or sudden illness, if you are calling for emergency, you should pay special attention to the following first-aid points: First, implement rapid rescue. Second, it is necessary to put the injured person in a ventilated place. Be sure to follow the "three fast" principle of fast grab, quick save, and fast delivery.


Identify the injured and rescuers without further danger.

Check for injuries

Including injury awareness, breathing, pulse, pupil, presence or absence of trauma, bleeding, etc.


1. Calm on-site command, please help others.

2. Call the emergency number (should indicate the location, injury, number of people, name and required support, etc.)

First aid priority

1. Maintain a smooth airway.

2. Rebuild the respiratory function - when the breathing stops, apply artificial respiration.

3. Rebuild the cycle function ---

(1). When the heartbeat is stopped, apply extra-cardiac massage.

(2). Severe bleeding will stop bleeding.

4. Prevent shock.

5. Prevent re-injury.

Grasp the principle

1. Put the injury in a correct and comfortable position to prevent the disease from getting worse.

2. Keep warm, but avoid overheating and sweating.

3. Give psychological support to the injured.

4. Record in detail and observe changes in the condition of the victim at any time.

First aid point

In the event of serious injury or sudden illness. At the same time of emergency call, pay special attention to the following first aid points:

a. Implement a quick rescue (for example, dragging an injured person out of the water or fire).

b. Place the victim in a ventilated place and perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

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