In natural disasters or other emergencies, transporting everyone at once can be very difficult. What all these disasters and emergencies have in common is that the first responders work tirelessly to help their communities and overcome all these enormous obstacles. They must be prepared and have the appropriate equipment to address these issues and allow the trapped person to leave safely. The following are the factors that first aiders typically need:

Water, when floods come, many people are forced to evacuate, and a large proportion of these evacuees need assistance to evacuate. This situation puts emergency personnel at risk. It is not safe to drag heavy equipment (such as wheeled beds or wheeled stretchers) through floods. You want emergency personnel to be able to move freely and quickly, which means it is impossible to carry ordinary transportation equipment.

Fragments, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms can stir up various types of debris. Cleaning up after many storms can take weeks or even months. Clearing the road can take some time, which means emergency workers will have to deal with adverse conditions. Some places will be blocked by fallen trees and other debris. "The wheels of the wheel bed cannot pass through these debris, and more portable emergency transportation equipment, such as folding stretchers, may be needed to transport personnel who need to be transferred.".

Limited resources. In most emergencies and natural disasters, you will find that resources are limited. Most hospitals, emergency centers, and emergency workers find themselves overworked and overcrowded. These situations can become unusually busy for all personnel involved. To make this process as smooth as possible, emergency workers need lightweight, compact equipment that neither slows down nor slows them down, but can still complete the work.

The folding stretchers, portable folding stair stretcher, Vacuum Mattress Stretcher, lifesaving stretcher, and Life-saving Buoy produced by New Feile Medical Equipment are very suitable for use in natural disasters and other emergencies. These devices are compact, lightweight, easy to fold, and portable, which are crucial to helping emergency personnel maintain mobility in various emergencies.

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