In order to avoid heatstroke, in high temperature weather, it is necessary to protect the elderly and the weak, create a comfortable small environment, ventilate indoors, reduce the room temperature to 26-28 C as far as possible, and keep the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor within 8 C. To maintain emotional stability, pay attention to the allocation of diet, diet should be light, drink more water. To improve the understanding of threatened heatstroke, once dizziness, headache, thirst, sweating, general fatigue, panic and other symptoms occur, we should immediately get rid of the environment of heatstroke and take timely cooling measures.

First aid methods:

1. Immediately move the patient to a ventilated, cool and dry place, such as a corridor or in the shade of a tree.

2. Make the patient lie on his back, unlock his collar, take off or loosen his coat. If clothes are wet with sweat, dry clothes should be replaced, and fans or air conditioners should be turned on (direct air blowing should be avoided) to dissipate heat as soon as possible.

3. Cold compress the head, axilla and groin with a wet towel, wipe the whole body with warm water if necessary, and massage the skin and muscle at the same time to accelerate blood circulation and promote heat dissipation.

4. The conscious patients or the patients who are conscious after cooling down can take mung bean soup and saline water to relieve the heat.

5. Once symptoms such as fever, coma and convulsions occur, the patient should lie on his side, head backward and keep the respiratory tract open. At the same time, he should call the first aid telephone immediately and ask the medical staff for emergency treatment.

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