The reporter learned from the Suzhou Medical Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the team led by researcher Wang Daming has recently developed a new system for rapid detection of coronavirus nucleic acid. This system can be stored and transported at room temperature, and qualitative results are produced in about 45 minutes. The instrument is small in size and easy to carry, and it can carry out on-site instant detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid.

According to reports, the average time for sample testing using the system is 45 minutes. In the detection, there is no need for nucleic acid extraction and purification, no PCR amplification, and the treatment solution directly lyses the pathogen and releases the target nucleic acid, thereby achieving qualitative judgment of the target nucleic acid in the sample. The kit can be stored and transported at room temperature, minimizing dependence on cold chain logistics. The technology performs well in terms of timeliness of sample testing, availability of technology platforms, convenience of testing and testing, and adaptability of reagents to the environment.

For the kits developed for the new coronavirus, clinical trials of more than 600 samples have been completed, with an accuracy rate of more than 99%, and approved by the State Food and Drug Administration, and obtained three types of medical device product registration certificates.

(editor in charge: Hou XI)


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